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Flower delivery

Online shopping has become a daily norm for millions of UK consumers. With everything nowadays moving more and more online, it is no wonder that the flower market is following the new trend with online flower delivery. Most people have at some point heard about Interflora, and for a long time they were the only option consumers had if they wanted to get get any form of online flower delivery. Now, however, there are many more new options to choose from. In this post we are listing the most popular reasons as to why you might want to consider booking your flower delivery online if you already haven’t taken the leap.


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It can sometimes be tricky to come up with new gift ideas for friends. Do you buy them some new jewellery, that most likely will end up being too expensive? A spa experience that they will forget about, or yet another candle? Flowers are one of those gifts that everyone appreciates and can be gifted to all people no matter what age or gender. Everyone loves getting surprised by a lovely flower delivery. 

girl with pink bouquet of flowers - flower delivery uk

girl with pink flowers - flower delivery uk

 The Tyra

Flowers to treat yourself

Flowers are good for your wellbeing for all sorts of reasons. They can boost your mood, make you physically heal faster and they bring a sense of peacefulness and calm with their sweet scents and the fact that they are a piece of nature brought in to your home. Treating yourself with a flower delivery is the best kind of self-care and you do not need a special occasion for that.

Flowers for birthdays or anniversary

Buying a bunch of flowers for a birthday or ordering flowers for your anniversary is always a good idea. We have previously popped down to our local florist shop on the high street and picked out an already made bouquet or called up and placed an order for flower delivery the following day. The problem with this is that you cannot be sure how fresh the flowers really are. Usually, florists buy in flowers 3-4 days per week, which means that your flowers could already have been sitting in the shop for 2 days before being arranged into a bouquet for your flower delivery. When organising a flower delivery from an online shop (one that does not have a physical shop), you make sure you get the freshest flowers possible for your occasion. We buy the flowers specifically for your order to make sure they last as long as possible.


letterbox flowers - LOV Flowers

letterbox flowers - LOV Flowers

 The Elsa

Last minute gift 

Forgot someone’s birthday or have a last minute lunch to get to? With our on demand “same day flower delivery” option you can order the flowers on our website on the day you want them delivered. Our “free next day flower delivery” option allows you to order flowers to anywhere in England when the order is placed before 1pm the day before.


london florist - LOV Flowers

flower delivery london

flower delivery london - LOV Flowers

 The Elsa 

Flower for home

Having flowers in your home is an amazing way to bring the outdoors inside. Flowers and colours changes depending on season and it’s a fun way of adding to your summer, fall, winter or spring home décor. With many people working from home and not being out in nature as much as we all should, having flowers next to you on your desk or on the coffee table brightens up your day and contribute to endorphin production, which we all need with our busy lifestyles.


As you might notice, there are lots of reasons why you might decide to get an online flower delivery, in the comfort of your home. 

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