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With autumn just around the corner, we can't wait to bundle ourselves up in chunky knits and begin to put the past behind us in order to get inspiration for the future. Art deco details, and nostalgic interior design elements like plush pastel velvet, have been making a strong comeback, as well as natural touches like untreated wood, linens and, of course, botanical elements everywhere.

We have listed our top four favourite interior design trends which make us feel that this autumn can’t come quick enough.

Scroll down and prepare to get inspired!


 1. Cosy minimalism

Scandinavian-chic has always been a return trend that we keep getting drawn back to, year after year. This year however, the timeless minimalistic design is evolving to incorporate cosier, more liveable elements such as cushy textures and warmer earthy tones. The trend is to limit the colour palette of your flowers to a few select colours, and to let the shapes and silhouettes do all the talking. Fresh flowers add that botanical element to a minimalistic Scandinavian styled home.

 minimalistic interior design

green flowers in vase on table

modern interior design flowers in a vase


2. Pastel glamour

The Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 was “Living Coral” and, this has been described as an animating and life-affirming shade of orange, with a golden undertone - which is why rose gold and mood-boosting pastels are entering our homes this year. We’ve always found that flowers go perfectly with warming, chalky hues.


pink pastel interior design

pink pastel interior design

art deco interior design


3. Neutrals with a pop of colour

As with Scandinavian-chic interiors, we are seeing a wave of popularity for pared-back colour schemes in homes. With rooms and furniture in different shades and textures in the same neutral tones of earthy cream, taupe or calming grey. Make sure that you don’t over clutter the rooms and, instead, complement a neutral space with statement lighting and a rich accent colour – which flowers lend themselves to perfectly.


flower bouquet in a vase on table 

4. Au natural

There is a huge desire within many of us to connect back with nature in this digital age, and especially within our homes - which are our sanctuaries. We are choosing raw and unfinished materials to feature in our interior designs and, these often have an environmental angle. By adding flowers to an already natural environment, we can really link the interiors authentically back to nature. Keep to natural colour palettes as well, such as white and green, and mix them with wood and linen, fabulous!


natural interior design

natural interior design


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