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January Gardening To-Do-List

January is the beginning of the gardening year, after a couple of months break.

It’s the time for a fresh start, renewed energy and the time to plan for the twelve months ahead. Even though some bulbs need to be planted in autumn, for most flowers and shrubs however early spring is the best time.

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The majority of gardening work this month are mostly about keeping things trim and tidy, and getting things ready for the year to come. But in this post, we have listed a few things you can sow and grow this month! 


Deep clean pots, tools, greenhouses and water butts in preparation for spring. It can be tedious but a very important task indeed and will set you up for a great growing season.

Now is the time to order seeds and plants and plan out what you want your garden or patio to look like this summer!

Make sure that the protection you have had for your plants over the winter month is still working as they might have been damaged in bad weather.

 winter garden lov flowers uk

winter garden lov flowers uk


January is the perfect time to prune your rose bushes as roses are still dormant at this time. Cut back just above a bud and remove any dead branches.

Trim the damaged and oldest willow stems and thin out overcrowded stems.

Prune your wisteria.

Cut down the old stems of perennials plants like sedum.

Check on your Dahlia tubers in storage and remove any that are diseased.

Clip the old foliage from ornamental grasses before its new growth begins. 

Remove any faded flowers from you winter pansies to stop to stop them setting seed.

Plant amaryllis bulbs in pots now, for spectacular indoor flowers in early spring.

TOP TIP: Try to avoid walking on your lawn whenever its covered in heavy frost or snow, as this will damage the grass beneath.

winter garden lov flowers uk

winter garden lov flowers uk


Make sure your indoor plants are hydrated. Because of central heating, the air in your home might be a bit dryer in the winter and for that reason we suggest you mist your plants regularly to increase the humidity.

Shred your Christmas tree and add it to compost bins.

Brush heavy snow off hedges and conifers to prevent the branches from snapping out under its weight.

Feed the birds.


Order seeds.

Order fruit trees now for spring planting. 

Order clematis.

 winter garden lov flowers uk


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