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How to keep flowers fresh in winter


Fresh flowers always need a little extra TLC any time of the year. But there are some specific flower care tips that differ season to season. It is true that flowers last longer in the cold but there are some important steps to follow and things to keep in mind. In this post we have listed steps on how keep flowers fresh in winter.


woman smelling flowers - LOV Flowers UK

woman and flowers - LOV Flowers UK

1. Lukewarm water

As we all know, tap water tend to be freezing in the winter! Warm the water from cold to room temperature so that you don’t shock the the stems. Obviously, the main thing to keep in mind is that the water is clean to extend the life of your flowers. Change every 2-3 days to stave off bacteria growth.


2. Consistency is key

Fresh flowers are happiest in your home when there is a consistent temperature. We understand it’s tempting to put the heating on full first thing in the morning after a cold winter night, but flowers are susceptible to a draught and fade faster when home temperatures goes up and down. The sweet spot is a consistent 18-19 degrees Celsius.  

3. Central heating..

Isn’t a friend to your bouquet. The dry heat sucks out the moisture from your flowers and speeds up the wilting process. Keep them far away from radiators and appliances that generate heat, like the oven or top of the fridge.

4. Window watching

The coldest part of your home is usually the windows. If your flowers are placed close to a window, do not let foliage or flowers touch the window pane, since cold glass can cause it to perish overnight. Spent flowers are the catalyst to making the blooms around it wild faster too. So, as soon as you see one of your flowers wilting, remove it from the bouquet.


woman holding flowers - LOV Flowers UK 
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5. Fruit bowl

This one might surprise you. Keep your flowers away from the fruit bowl, especially apples, avocados, pears and nectarines. When fruit ripens, it releases ethylene gas and it’s responsible for speeding up wilting and epinasty (bending of stems).

6. Core flower care

Regardless of the season, if you want your LÖV flowers to last as long as possible, you need to cut the stems correctly – on an angle and with the right tool – before you arrange them in the vase and every time you change water. Also, remove leaves from below the water or dying flowers from the vase as soon as you notice it.

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