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Sustainable Flower Delivery

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Recyclable & biodegradable

Everything that you'll find in your flower box is either recyclable or biodegradable or compostable. And not just that, we source the majority of our materials in the UK. This means the materials we use have not travelled hundreds of miles to get here which helps in reducing UK’s carbon footprint. 

What's in your flower box? 

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No flower wastage

One of the upsides of being an online florist and not having a storefront is that we  do not carry any flower stock. We are lucky enough to be able to buy in each and every flower stem specifically for each order, which means that your flowers are as fresh as can be and we do not have any wastage of leftover flowers. Win win!

Being kind to the environment is one of our core values, which is why we have gone out of our way to make sure our letterbox flowers represent just that.

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Environmental friendly flower gifting

We wanted to create a range of flower arrangements for our customers to easily order online in the comfort of their own homes. That would work both as a fun activity to do together with the kids as well as a beautiful gift for someone special. All this and at the same time do not cause any harm to our environment.

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sustainable flower delivery
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