Flowers For Events

No matter what you are celebrating, we can help you create a unique style and add a personalised finish to your venue, with beautiful arrangements and installations. Make this special moment unforgettable, we can create arrangements for large scale celebrations, as well as intimate dinner parties, to help you set the tone for your private party.

Creating ambience with flowers


Bridal Shower & Baby Shower

We believe flowers play a pivotal role in transforming special moments into unforgettable memories. The delicate petals, vibrant hues, and enchanting fragrances of flowers have the power to enhance the ambiance and create an atmosphere of beauty and grace. From whimsical arrangements for baby showers, symbolising new beginnings and the arrival of precious little ones, to elegant bouquets for bridal showers, reflecting love, romance, and the promise of a beautiful union, our curated collection of blooms adds a touch of charm and sophistication to your celebrations.

Flowers pink roses blue hydrangeas
Flowers and decorations for baby showers

What To Expect..

At the consultation stage, we will discuss your ideas, while taking through our own iconic style and unique approach. Next we will present our proposal and moodboards before agreeing on a scheme and final designs. Our bespoke offerings are always tailored to your needs: from bold statement pieces to grab attention in a large space, to subtle arrangements to make a space feel intimate and inviting.