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Discover the beauty of sustainable British Grown Flowers, thoughtfully cultivated with passion to bring the essence of the UK's natural flora into your home. With a commitment to eco-friendly practices, every petal you receive not only brightens your space but also supports a greener planet with zero carbon emissions. Experience the joy of receiving fresh, locally grown flowers from local flower farms while making an environmentally conscious choice with our reliable and efficient flower delivery service.

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    Fresher Blooms

    By opting for British grown flowers, you can enjoy the freshest and most vibrant blooms, as they are locally cultivated and promptly delivered to your doorstep.

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    Support for Local Growers

    Your choice supports local growers, bolstering the sustainability of the British floral industry and contributing to the livelihoods of communities across the country.

  • 100% recyclable flower boxes and eco friendly flower delivery
    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Choosing British grown flowers helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation, promoting a more environmentally friendly approach to floral consumption.

British grown flowers delivered from UK flower farms

What is British-grown flowers?

British grown flowers are a vibrant assortment of blooms cultivated and nurtured in the verdant landscapes of the United Kingdom. These locally sourced flowers embody the rich heritage of British horticulture, reflecting the diverse seasons and natural beauty of the region. Cultivated with care and dedication by local growers, British grown flowers offer a sustainable and eco-friendly option, bringing the essence of the countryside's splendor into homes across the nation.

Recyclable Letterbox Flowers

Eco-friendly packaging

Our eco-conscious packaging reflects our commitment to sustainability. Each delivery of our fresh letterbox flowers is carefully nestled in decorative gift boxes, ensuring 100% recyclability and biodegradability. By exclusively collaborating with UK-based manufacturers, we minimize our carbon footprint. Join us in our mission to create a greener planet!

British grown flowers cultivated with passion in a sustainable way from english farmers

Cultivated with passion

Our beautiful flowers are cultivated with an unwavering passion by dedicated English farmers who deeply value the intricate cultivation process. With a keen eye on sustainability, every step is thoughtfully executed to ensure that our blooms are not just exquisite but also sustainably made. From the careful selection of seeds to the nurturing of each plant, our farmers infuse every stage with a genuine commitment to environmentally conscious practices, resulting in a stunning array of flowers that embody the essence of both their labor and the English countryside.

British grown flowers cultivated from local flower farms in UK
British grown flowers grown from english flower farms

What do customers think about our letterbox flowers?

Very nice, tons of flowers and quick delivery!

Nina M

Very pretty roses and arrived on time, very happy!


The flowers arrive on time and once put in a vase revive within minutes. These flowers are DEFINITELY worth the price.


Got these from my boyfriend for my birthday and they are unreal. The perfect shade of light, blush pink! Lasted really long and smelled so sweet!


I sent flowers as a gift, the recipient said they were stunning. Great service, delivered on time and I wouldn't hesitate to use again. Thank you LOV FLOWERS.

Lisa P