Our name is deeply rooted in nature and connected to our heritage. LÖV is an abriviation, and comes from our founder’s name - Eklöv - meaning oakleaf. This breaks down to ‘LÖV’ meaning ‘leaf. Traditional Scandinavian surnames are often influenced by nature, such as the deep and beautiful valleys, the rolling mountains and flowing streams.

This is well connected with the importance of nature in Scandinavia. Our values follow this connection and deep rooted relationship with nature, and we work to protect this by minimizing our carbon footprint at every possible opportunity.

Lov flowers uk

Timeless & Chic

A Scandinavian influence sits at the heart of all our designs. From timeless, chic letterbox flowers to sustainably sourced packaging and environmentally friendly processes, we find inspiration in the Scandinavian approach.


Sustainability is key to LÖV - the measures that we take allows us to produce beautiful arrangements, while ensuring that we have little or no negative impact on our planet.

We believe that to work with local suppliers can make a difference. Therefore, we choose to source as many materials as possible locally from England, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Everything from our postal boxes, high gloss box sleeves to arranging guide and ribbon, all come from suppliers right here in the UK. Our services range from letterbox flowers, bespoke hand tied bouquets to extraordinary wedding and event flowers.