How To Arrange Letterbox Flowers

Our online arranging guide on how to create your own beautiful vase arrangements

Need some extra help preparing and arranging your new letterbox flowers? We know how tricky it can be! Follow these detailed steps along with your floral arranging guide for how to arrange flowers like a pro!

unboxing letterbox flowers

Step 1. Unbox your blooms

Your letterbox flower delivery will contain; flowers wrapped in cellophane and sealed with a satin ribbon, flower food and an arranging guide with easy step-by-step instructions on how to arrange and prepare your new blooms. Carefully remove the flowers from the box before you start.

removing leaves from flower stem

Step 2. Remove leaves

Remove any damaged or wilted leaves and remove any leaves that are below the vase water line. Excess leaves takes energy from the flower heads which leads to the flower dying sooner and leaves in the water causes bacteria growth in the water. As the amount of bacteria on the vase increases, it grows closest to the main food source - the base of the stem. Eventually the bacteria will overgrow the cut and clog the stem up.

removing leaves from flower stem
Cut flower stem arranging flowers

Step 3. Trim the stems

Cut about 1-2 inches of the bottom of the stems before placing them in the water. Even though your flowers have been neatly trimmed before they leave our studio, they always need a fresh cut since they seal up very quickly being out of water.

fill vase with water flower arranging

Step 4. Fill vase with water

Choose a vase that is about 2/3 the height of the flowers and clean it out properly with soap. Fill it half up with cool fresh water.

fill vase with water flower arranging

Step 5. Start arranging!

Now you're ready to start arranging! Watch our YouTube video below for full guide on how to arrange your new letterbox flowers. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more fun floral videos.

arrange flowers like a professional florist - LOV Flowers