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How to keep your Christmas tree fresh

 We've all spent time and effort on making sure that our decorations are ready in the days leading up to Christmas - only to discover that our lovingly decorated Christmas tree is already looking dry and brittle... Scroll down to find out how to keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer. 


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Just a few days of heating being cranked, along with a bit of neglect is all it takes to dry out your fresh tree. We at LÖV have done some research and compiled the best tips for making sure that your tree looks alive and well on Christmas morning (or evening, depending on when you celebrate).

1. Choose a healthy Christmas tree

First of all, where you buy your tree is important.  If you buy a tree from a garden centre or from at your local town square, there’s a good chance that the tree is already too old. Unfortunately, big Christmas tree sellers start chopping down trees weeks in advance to make sure they have enough when it comes to start selling them. So, the best thing to do is to head out to your nearest Christmas tree farm and cut down your own when the time comes.

 2. Trim the trunk

Even if you decide to buy a tree from your local store, make sure that the seller makes a fresh cut straight across the base of the trunk, to aid water absorption. This gets rid of any dried-over resin which might prevent the tree from absorbing water. When you get home, if you’re not putting your tree up right away, place it in a bucket of water.

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 Christmas tree with white frosted tips.

 3. Rest your tree

You should always store your tree in a room (or garage) which is warmer than outdoors but cooler than the inside of your home. This way, the tree doesn’t get a shock when its placed indoors.

 4. Trim again

When you are ready to bring the tree inside, make another fresh cut of around one inch from the bottom of the trunk. Once inside, place the tree in a sturdy stand which can hold at least 4 litres of water.

5. Water

Don’t forget to regularly give your Christmas tree water – too little can cause resin to form, which means that the tree won’t absorb moisture and will, therefore, dry out quickly. Check the water levels daily and refill as needed.

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6. Heat

Along with sunlight, factors such as radiators, central heating, air ducts, ovens, candles, and even open fireplace can contribute to your tree drying out at a much quicker pace. If your home is prone to dryness, try using a humidifier to add moisture to the room.

When buying your tree...

  • Look for a healthy, green tree with the least number of brown needles.
  • Select a tree which is displayed in a shady location. Avoid picking from a sunny area.
  • Run a few branches through your hands. The needles should feel pliable and should not fall off in your hands.
  • Raise the tree a few inches, then drop the trunk into the ground. In a healthy tree, very few needles should fall off (although it’s fine if the tree loses a few brown ones).
  • When you lift the tree, it should not feel too light as this could be an indication that the tree is already beginning to dry out.


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