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Flower of the Month: The Dahlia

Dahlia Flowers Growing Planting

Everything you need to know about dahlias

This month, we turn our focus to the pretty Dahlia. This is a bloom which is fast becoming one of the most popular flowers for all types of occasions.

History & origin of the Dahlia flower

Dahlia Flower Delivery UK

The Dahlia was first named by the 18th-century Spanish botanist, Abbe’ Cavanille, in honour of the Swedish scientist and environmentalist, Andreas Dahl. There has been much debate over the classification of dahlias. In 1904, there were officially only five types: cactus, pompom, single, show and fancy. Since then, many more types have appeared and, since 2010, dahlias have been split into fourteen groups.

Fun facts about Dahlias

Dahlia Flowers Planting Growing
  • Dahlias come in nearly every colour of the rainbow. You can find them in almost every colour combination except blue.
  • Dahlias also come in all sizes, from a dainty diameter of 2cm, to amazingly large varieties known as “dinner plate” dahlias, which can grow up to 25 cm in diameter!
  • The dahlia is at its peak when many other summer blooms are past their prime, with their peak blooming window being from midsummer to just before the first frost.
  • Dahlias represent dignity.
  • They were Queen Victoria’s favourite flower.
  • In the language of flowers, also known as fluorography, dahlias mean “my gratitude exceeds your care’, which makes them the perfect choice as a thank you gift.


Dahlia Flower Growing Planting Pot Plant

Dahlia "Café au lait Royal"

Our favourite dahlia is the “café au lait royal” dahlia. With its delicate blush, peachy ivory blooms it’s an eye-catching type of dahlia that looks gorgeous in any type of arrangement, or just on its own. It’s an award-winning dahlia which can grow to a height of 90-120cm. The café au lait royal dahlia prefers to be grown in full sunlight, and with shelter from the wind. 

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