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How to Arrange Flowers


Does it also frustrate you when you get a new bunch of flowers delivered to your home, you place them in a vase and you get gaps in your bouquet?

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Luckily, we got some tricks on how to prevent these open spaces. Tricks that will give your bouquet lots of volume and look like a florist personally have arranged your vase for you!

1. Divide and organise your stems before you start arranging

Take the time to arrange your stems in categories, so you are properly prepared. Place the stems in categories of soft, strong & mid-length or strong & long.

2. Start with your mid-length stems

Create the base of your bouquet with the mid-length stems. Often these are foliage or bushier flowers. Remove any excess leaves of the stems before placing them in the water. Don’t leave any leaves that will be under the waterline, those will only dirty the water and create bacteria. Trim the stems diagonally at a 45-degree angle. That way the flowers can drink more effectively.

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3. Place your stems crossways in the vase

Place a mid-length stem all the way down, so that it’s touching the bottom of the vase and have the upper half rest against the upper rim of the vase. Mirror this with another same length stem, creating a cross.

4. Turn your vase 180 degrees

Next step is to turn your vase 180 degrees and place the next mid-length stem over the ones you’ve already places. By doing this you are creating a frame for your bouquet. Keep turning the vase 180 degrees and add your same length stems in a cross over the previous stem.

A tip here is to alternate colours so you get a colourful effect. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly, a looser messier bouquet is usually prettier. And if you wish you can always adjust the stems at the end.

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5. Now time for the soft stems

Place the soft stems between the branches. You can have them resting against the other stronger stems so that they’ll stand up straight. Repeat step 4 with your softer stems and keep alternating the colours.

6. Finally, place the longer stems in between

Lastly add the longest stems, which is usually the statement flowers of your bouquet!

pink peonies peony flowers
Tips: For a picture-perfect arrangement place the flowers in a spot with plenty of natural sunlight and preferably against a neutral background. That way the flowers are in focus! 


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