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DIY: Dried Flowers

dried flowers LÖV flowers


There’s a good chance you’ve seen these already on your Instagram or Pinterest feed or in interior magazines – dried flowers. We mentioned that these are back in style in a previous post (Floral trends of 2020/2021), so in this post, we’ll take you through the process of making your own dried flowers! 

Can I use any flowers to dry?

Before you get started, it’s important to know which flowers can be dried. Unfortunately, not all flowers are suitable; mainly because either the stems are too soft or they contain too much humidity. Examples of these are tulips, daffodils and amaryllises. The best flowers to use for drying are flowers with wood-like stems, such as roses, hydrangeas and sunflowers. These are robust flowers and perfect for drying out. Other suggestions are cornflowers, eucalyptus and most grass types.

 dry flowers LÖV flowers

dry flowers LÖV flowers


Step 1

Find or create a warm, dark space to dry out your flowers. Light will fade out the colours. The warmth will speed up the drying process making it harder for fungus to grow.

Step 2

Tie a bit of rope at the end of the stems and hang them upside down. Preferably hang them over a heater. It's important that you make sure to hang the flowers separately, as otherwise fungus can grow and spread. 

dry flower LÖV flowers  

Step 3

Now wait. The flowers have to dry out completely from their core and this sometimes takes a few days. The thicker the stem (sunflowers for example), the longer you’ll have to wait. You’ll know that your flowers are properly dried out when the stem feels a bit crunchy when you pinch it. If the stem is still flexible, then you have to wait a bit longer. Patience pays.

Step 4

Once your flowers are dried, they are ready for use. Be creative with arranging your dried flowers. You can now tie them together and hang them, or place them in vase, without water obviously. Avoid placing your dried flowers in a humid room, like your bathroom. Flowers attract humidity and that’s exactly what we want to avoid with your dried bouquet.

dry pampas grass LÖV flowers



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