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How to keep flowers fresh in Summer

Want to know how to keep flowers fresh in Summer? This week Britain is set to reach the highest temperatures in over 90 years. Us humans will deal with this by sitting in front of air conditioning units, drinking lots of cold water or for those who is fortunate enough, cooling down in a pool. But what about your flowers? In this post we list ways how to keep flowers fresh in Summer. 


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  1. Warm water

Place your stems in lukewarm water, they will absorb the water more quickly than cold water, which will keep your flowers hydrated.


  1. Trim stems

Trim 4 cm from the base of the stem to remove any bacteria build-up or blockages. This will create a new fresh area for the water to easier get absorbed through. Repeat this step every 2-3 days.


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  1. Antibacterial

Bacteria builds up faster within dirty vases during the summer months, so make sure you thoroughly clean your vase every 2-3 days using antibacterial wash. Don’t leave any leaves or petals in the water as this will rot causing your flowers to wilt.


  1. Cool shade

Keep your flowers in the shade. Direct sunlight can result in the water evaporate in your blooms and stems. It can also cause the petals on your flowers to burn. Place your flowers in a cool room away from the sun.


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  1. Flowers hate draught

When a heatwave strike, we all would nothing more than to bring the temperature in your home down by opening windows and doors or even put on aircon. However, flowers do not like draught. Keep them away from any wind.


  1. Vase size

Find the right size of vase. If the opening is too narrow, the stems might be squished together and cause the stems to rot. Either remove some of the stems to create a smaller bunch or find a larger vase to utilize. In the opposite direction, If the mouth of your vase is too wide the arrangement will not have any form or shape.


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