How To Revive Wilted Flowers

Article published at: Sep 9, 2020
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Reviving wilted and droopy flowers

Wilted or dried out blooms can be an issue any time of the year, but especially during the summer months when it's hot outside. We, at LOV Flowers, have listed a few tips and tricks on how to perk up those dried and droopy flowers. Plus, you'll learn how to identify the warning signs to prevent wilting before it happens - which really is the best thing to do. 

Why are my flowers droopy in the first place?

Let’s start with identifying why your flowers are looking a bit down. There are three main factors that can cause unhappy looking flowers: Water uptake, which results in buds drying out and remaining closed.

Bacteria growth, which makes the stems rot. And, lastly, wilting – normally a combination of bacteria growth and lack of water which causes flowers to droop. Let’s break it down for you...


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Reason 1: Water uptake


Brittle-looking flowers, buds don’t bloom, dried stem-ends.


Stems that aren’t cut before going in the water are quickly sealed or dried out, so water can’t be drawn up through the stem to nourish the flower.

Fix it by:

Remove any dried up flowers or leaves that look like they are beyond reviving, so that more energy goes towards the healthy blooms that are left. Cut around 2-5 cm off the stem at an angle, and put it straight away into a clean vase with clean water. Leave for a couple of hours and, voila!


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Reason 2: Bacteria growth


Slimy, discoloured stems and sad looking flowers.


The water has not been refreshed regularly enough or was changed too late the first time around. The water starts to look milky, and bacteria begins to rot the stems. You will know this by the foul smell of the water.

Fix it by: 

Start by cleaning the vase thoroughly with soap and water, and then fill it with new fresh water. Remove any wilted flowers that are beyond reviving. Cut around 2-5 cm off the stem at an angle, and put it straight away into the clean water. The flowers should perk up in a few hours. A tip here is to add ¼ of a Milton tablet into the clean water when you first get your flowers. This will keep the water clean and will prevent bacteria from growing.


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Reason 3: Wilting


Drooping soft stems with limp, wilted blooms. 


Flowers rely on the turgidity of the cells in their stems filled with water. Dried stem-ends and bacteria growth hinders water uptake, which causes the stems to droop and flowers to wilt.

Fix it by: 

Thoroughly clean your vase and refresh the water. Remove any overly wilted flowers and leaves. Cut around 2-5 cm off the stems at an angle, and put the flowers straight back into the vase.


Finally, place them in a short vase

When you’ve had your flowers for a while and revived them once or twice, you can cut them down really short and pop them in a fishbowl vase. This will ensure that you get a couple of more days (sometimes even a week!) more out of your flowers!

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