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Article published at: Mar 3, 2021
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Best Scandinavian vases for any arrangement

Each year is a new beginning, and a chance to hit refresh with some new and inspirational pieces for your home. With spring just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start decorating your home with beautifuflowers. In this post, we at LOV Flowers, are listing our favourite Scandinavian style vases to inspire you!

Georg Jensen

Established in 1904, the Danish brand Georg Jensen has become one of Scandinavia’s most loved brands. With everything from classic and timeless jewellery to modern home décor, to gorgeous vases, it’s no wonder that this designer is an all-time favourite with the Danish Royalty. 

1. Georg Jensen Flora Vase £395

Designed by Todd Bracher, this Scandinavian vase is almost a piece of sculpture in its own right. Asymmetrical shapes in a mirror finish and polished stainless steel are inspired by an abstraction of a female body. This vase is no less than a contemporary masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.


georg jensen flora stainless steel vase löv flowers

2. Georg Jensen Bloom Botanica Vase £160

This vase is inspired by the moment that a flower bud opens to reveal its beautiful petals. With this bold design, the designer Helle Damkjær have really captured the joy of spring.

bloom vase georg jensen stainless steel scandinavian design nordic löv flowers

Kosta Boda

"Swedish glass will always be elegant, exciting, and of superb quality in both craft and design."

Kosta Boda was founded in 1742, in the heart of dense forest land in the Swedish province of Småland. The first female designer to work at Kosta Boda was Tyra Lundgren, who was recruited in 1935 and since then, Tyra has been followed by many women of note who have worked at the glassworks, and have become very successful. The company has been a part of Orrefors Kosta Boda AB since 1989.

3. Kosta Boda Crackle Vase £255

The crackle series is Kosta Bodas new collection for 2021, and it celebrates cracks, beautifully preserved in glass. Like a moment paused in time, when the frozen ice has just cracked, this stunning collection is designed by Åsa Jungnelius.

crackle vase kosta boda scandinavian design

4. Kosta Boda Björk Vase £82

This stunning Kosta Boda vase, Björk, (which means birch), is inspired by the forests of Småland and its breathtaking scenery. The vases in this specific collection are coloured in white and black, with a graphic pattern reminiscent of birch trunks. The collection has been designed by the talented Sara Persson.


white and black glass vase bjork kosta boda scandinavian design lov flowers


HAY is a modern brand who firmly believes that good design is everyone’s right and should, therefore, be widely available to the public. The brand features a wide range of products, from toothbrushes to a paper bin to a sofa, as well as stunning Scandinavian vases.

5. HAY Splash Vase £55

The Slash vase features a unique swirled pattern and is available in multiple designs and sizes. The vase is handmade using a special glassblowing technique that involves multiple layers of coloured glass dots.

hay splash vase scandinavian design lov flowers


Iittala started out as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, and is today celebrated all over Scandinavia with generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives.

Their most iconic series is the award winning Alvar Aalto Collection. Each and every vase in the Alvar Aalto Collection continues to be mouth blown at the Iittala factory and comes in a wide range of colours and sizes.

6. Iittala Alvar Aalto vase £225

Design legend, Alvar Aalto’s asymmetrical waves (“aalto” in Finnish) have become an iconic symbol of Nordic interior design. The Aalto decorative glass vase now comes in amethyst special colour, that transform from blue to vibrant purple in the light.

alvaro aalto iittala vase scandinavian design lov flowers

Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn was founded in 1924 in Stockholm by Estrid Ericson, who was only 30 years old at the time. Estrid went on to create an elegant and boldly patterned personal interior design style which continues to pervade the range to this day.

7. Svenskt Tenn Vase Cut In Number £294

The elegant and stylistically pure design of this vase is carefully balanced by a contrasting surface of cut, clear décor patterns. Designed by Ingegerd Råman.

svenskt tenn vase scandinavian design lov flowers
svenskt tenn vase swedish scandinavian design lov flowers


Klong is a sound, a clang. Klong  is also a trademark that values timelessness and offers unexpected experiences. This brand takes a lot of global inspiration as well as from within Scandinavia. 

8. Klong Äng Vase £113

Äng is the Swedish word for meadow and the idea of Äng is to give each individual flower the support to stand by itself. The structure allows the flowers fall into place and creates a pleasing and organized flower decoration which resembles an äng.

klong äng vase scandinavian design
klong äng vase scandinavian design swedish

Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen is a relatively new brand, founded only in 2015, but is quickly taking its place on the list of the very top of sought-after Scandinavian Designers. The two founders, Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson, unite exquisite materials and phenomenal geometric shapes to form functional art objects.

9. Grand Manhattan vase £826

The Grand Manhattan vase is inspired by the architectural lines of the Manhattan skyline, and the soft and natural curves of a seashell. Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson have managed to create a sculptural design which combines the rigid geometric shapes of the vase with the delicate chromatic composition of the fine hand crafted crystal.


reflections copenhagen scandinavian design brand danish

Which of these Scandinavian vases is your favourite?

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