Top 8 Flowers to Send Men

Article published at: Jul 9, 2024
Top 8 Flowers To Send Men as Gifts
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When it comes to gifting flowers, the default recipient is often women. However, flowers have a universal appeal and can be just as meaningful to men. Breaking the stereotype that flowers are only for women, this blog explores the best flowers to send to men.

Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or just to show appreciation, the right flowers can convey strong, positive emotions. Choosing the perfect floral gift for a man involves considering factors like colour, symbolism, and presentation. Let’s dive into the world of florals and find out how to choose the best flowers for the men in your life.


Criteria for Choosing Flowers for Men

Best Flowers To Gift Men

When selecting flowers for men, it’s essential to focus on elements that align with their preferences and personality. Bold and neutral hues are generally more appealing, reflecting strength and sophistication.

The meaning and symbolism behind the flowers are also crucial; flowers with strong, positive connotations resonate well with men. Additionally, opting for simple yet elegant arrangements ensures the flowers are well-received and appreciated.


Best Flowers to Send to Men


Sunflowers Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Sunflowers are a fantastic choice when it comes to gifting flowers to men. Their bold, cheerful appearance and robust nature make them a standout gift. Sunflowers symbolise strength, loyalty, and positivity, making them perfect for conveying admiration and respect.

These flowers are versatile and can be sent for various occasions, such as birthdays, congratulations, or simply to brighten someone’s day. The vibrant yellow petals of sunflowers add a touch of sunshine to any setting, making them a universally appreciated gift.



Blue Orchid Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Orchids exude elegance, strength, and luxury, making them an excellent choice for men. Their unique and intricate blooms are a symbol of sophistication and refined taste. Orchids are available in various colours and varieties, but Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium orchids are particularly popular for their striking appearance and long-lasting nature.

These flowers are perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, promotions, or even as a gesture of appreciation. Their minimalistic yet captivating beauty makes them suitable for modern and contemporary settings, ensuring they are well-received by men with discerning tastes.


Blue Thistle Flowers

Blue Thistle Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Blue thistle flowers, known for their spiky, globe-like appearance, make a bold and striking choice for men’s floral gifts. These flowers are characterised by their unique shape and intense blue hue, which adds a touch of rugged elegance to any arrangement. Symbolising resilience and strength, blue thistles are perfect for expressing admiration and respect.

Their hardy nature makes them long-lasting and easy to care for, ensuring that the recipient can enjoy their beauty for an extended period. Blue thistles are ideal for modern and minimalist floral designs, adding a touch of sophistication and a hint of wild, natural beauty to any space.


Blue Irises

Blue Iris Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Blue irises are another excellent option for men’s floral gifts, offering a blend of elegance and symbolism. These flowers, with their striking blue petals and intricate design, symbolise wisdom, hope, and trust. Their tall, graceful stems and vibrant colour make them a standout addition to any bouquet or floral arrangement.

Blue irises are versatile and can be used for various occasions, from congratulating someone on a significant achievement to expressing heartfelt sentiments. Their classic beauty and meaningful symbolism make blue irises a thoughtful and impactful gift choice for men, adding a touch of nature’s splendour to their lives.


Tropical Flowers (Birds of Paradise, Anthuriums)

Bird of Paradise Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Tropical flowers like Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums bring an exotic appeal and boldness that make them perfect gifts for men. Birds of Paradise, with their striking resemblance to a bird in flight, symbolise freedom and perspective, while Anthuriums, with their heart-shaped leaves and vibrant colours, stand for hospitality and happiness.

These flowers are not only visually stunning but also long-lasting, making them ideal for special occasions or simply as a unique gift. Their exotic nature makes them perfect for adding a touch of tropical elegance to any environment, making them a great choice for men who appreciate bold and distinctive gifts.


Purple Roses

Blue Purple Roses Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Purple roses are a captivating choice for men’s floral gifts, offering a blend of elegance, mystery, and sophistication. These roses, with their rich and varied shades of purple, symbolise enchantment, admiration, and royalty. Their unique colour makes them a standout in any bouquet, adding a touch of opulence and depth.

Purple roses can convey a sense of admiration and deep respect, making them an ideal choice for celebrating significant milestones, expressing gratitude, or simply showing someone you care. Their timeless beauty and evocative symbolism make purple roses a thoughtful and impactful gift, perfect for adding a regal touch to any occasion.



Protea Best Flowers for Gift Men Boys

Proteas are unique and striking flowers that symbolise courage and transformation, making them an excellent choice for men. Their unusual and bold appearance sets them apart from more traditional flowers, making them a standout gift. Proteas come in various shapes and colours, each with its own unique charm. These flowers are perfect for men who appreciate distinctive and unconventional gifts.

Proteas are long-lasting and resilient, reflecting qualities of strength and perseverance. They are ideal for special occasions, such as celebrations of achievements or milestones, where their symbolism can add an extra layer of meaning to the gift.



In conclusion, flowers are a wonderful gift for men, and there are plenty of options that are sure to impress. From the vibrant and cheerful sunflowers to the elegant and sophisticated orchids, there is a flower for every man’s taste. Succulents and cacti offer a low-maintenance yet stylish option, while tropical flowers like Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums bring an exotic touch.

Bold-coloured roses and unique proteas provide powerful symbolism and distinctive beauty. These flowers not only add a touch of nature’s beauty to any space but also convey strong, positive emotions. So, the next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for a man, consider these flowers and add a splash of colour to his life.


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