Flower Gifting Guide

Flowers have an incredible way of speaking a universal language of emotions. Whether it's expressing love, gratitude, sympathy, or celebration, the right bouquet can convey sentiments that words often struggle to capture. In our comprehensive "Occasion Flower Gifting Guide," we'll embark on a floral journey to discover the perfect blossoms for every meaningful occasion in your life. From birthdays to weddings, from times of sorrow to moments of joy, we'll help you navigate the art of floral gifting with expert advice and inspired ideas.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has been celebrated in the UK since the 16th century, when it was called "Mothering Sunday". It was originally a day for servants to get a day off work to visit their parish they were born together with their mothers and other family members.

Mother's Day Flowers By Post

Our flowers are sent by post or couriers. We design our letterbox flower arrangements with passion and love, and our team of florists prepare all orders with exceptional care. The flowers are delivered from Holland overnight, picked early in the morning by our florists and carefully hand packed straight away. Your order is then shipped within a few hours and delivered that very same day or next day nationwide. We do this to ensure your mum receives fresh flowers that lasts as long as possible.

mother's day flowers

Popular flowers for mother's day

On Mother's Day, the most popular flower choices often revolve around soft pastels and vibrant hues, symbolising love, appreciation, and gratitude. Roses in shades of pink and peach are timeless favourites, expressing admiration and affection. Lilies, particularly white or pink varieties, evoke purity and motherly grace. Chrysanthemums, with their diverse colour palette, symbolise loyalty and love, making them a versatile choice. And don't forget the cheerful elegance of sunflowers, which radiate warmth and joy. Ultimately, it's the thought and sentiment that matter most, so choose the blooms and colours that resonate with your unique connection to Mom, creating a heartfelt and memorable gift.

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Happy Birthday Flowers

What's better than being surprised on your birthday by a beautiful bunch of flowers? Birthday flowers are the perfect way of celebrating friends and family on their special day. Add a personalised message on a card to really show them you care. It's time to start spoiling the ones who are close to us and to make that special day a day to remember.

Birthday Flowers by post

The flowers are delivered from Holland overnight, picked early in the morning by our florists and carefully hand packed straight away. Your order is then shipped within a few hours and delivered to you that very same day or next day for free. We do this to ensure you (or your friend) receive the freshest flowers possible!

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Popular birthday flowers

When it comes to birthday flowers, the choices are as diverse as the personalities they celebrate. Bright and vibrant colours tend to dominate, representing the joy and excitement of the occasion. Classic choices include cheerful yellow daisies, symbolising happiness, and sunny sunflowers, radiating warmth. Lively and multi-hued gerbera daisies convey a sense of celebration, while elegant and fragrant lilies in various shades offer a touch of sophistication. Of course, the timeless appeal of roses, available in an array of colours, remains a popular choice to express affection and admiration. Ultimately, the perfect birthday bouquet reflects the recipient's unique tastes and preferences, adding a burst of colour and joy to their special day.

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tulips birthday flowers and cake

Sympathy Flowers

There's nothing quite as comforting as receiving a thoughtful bouquet of sympathy flowers during times of loss and grief. Sympathy flowers offer solace and a meaningful way to show your support to those in need.

Sending sympathy flowers by post

Sending sympathy flowers by post is the new and easy way of being there for your friend in those meaningful moments when you can't be there, it's a virtual hug to show them you care. Add a personalised card message to your order as en extra warm embrace.

White sympathy lilies flowers

Popular sympathy flowers

Sending sympathy flowers by post offers a modern and convenient way to provide comfort and support to a friend or loved one during those poignant moments when physical presence isn't possible. It's akin to sending a heartfelt virtual hug, a gentle reminder that you are there for them even when miles apart. These blooms convey a message of empathy, a gesture that speaks volumes in times of grief. To make this gesture even more meaningful, consider adding a personalised card message to your order. This extra touch serves as a warm and intimate embrace, sharing your condolences, love, and support in a way that words alone may struggle to convey. It's a thoughtful and lasting tribute, a way to offer solace and let them know that you're there, even from afar, during their time of need.

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Thank You Flowers

Expressing appreciation is a wonderful way to strengthen bonds and show gratitude to those who have made a positive impact in our lives. Sending a bouquet of scented, fresh flowers delivered directly to their doorstep is a heartfelt gesture that speaks volumes. It's a tangible representation of your thankfulness and a beautiful reminder of the beauty that exists in your relationship.

Sending thank you flowers by post

For those cherished moments when you want to express the depth of your appreciation and acknowledge the care and support given by someone special, sending thank you flowers by post becomes a heartfelt gesture that resonates deeply. It's a tangible way to say "thank you" when words alone fall short, a symbol of your gratitude that transcends distance and time.

Bright colourful pink orange thank you flowers

Popular thank you flowers

In the timeless tradition of expressing gratitude, flowers have a language all their own. Among the array of popular thank you flowers, pink roses stand as an epitome of appreciation, blending elegance with heartfelt thanks. Bright bouquets, bursting with vibrant colours, convey the enthusiasm of your gratitude, while pastel-hued blossoms speak of grace and sincerity. From the cheerful daisies to the classic charm of roses, each bloom carries sentiments that resonate with the depth of your thanks. Sunflowers exude warmth and happiness, while lilies symbolise purity and grace. In the world of floral expressions, there's a perfect bouquet for every heartfelt thank you, and these popular choices help you convey your appreciation with style and sentiment.

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