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What bulbs to plant for spring flowers


"The first blooms of spring always makes my heart sing."
- S. Brown

yellow ranunculus -lov letterbox flowers


Each fall, as the weather begins to turn, we face one of our least favourite tasks - that is, digging up the dahlias and planting fall bulbs for spring flowers. At this time of the year, the last thing we feel like doing is braving the rain and wind to lug heavy crates of bulbs and tubers around the muddy garden. So no, not quite the most fun task, but unfortunately, one of the very most necessary ones if you want loads of beautiful spring flowers in the coming season.

Anemones & Ranunculus

Anemones and ranunculus are wonderful spring flowers, but are a bit tricky to grow, however, once you learn their preferences, they are well worth the work. Ranunculus are often mistaken for peonies as they develop large blossoms and often present in soft shades of pink and whites. You can also find anemones and ranunculus in all sorts of colours such as orange, red, blue, and yellow. What makes both of these long-lasting spring flowers so amazing is that they bloom for 6 to 8 weeks in the spring.

mixed spring flowers - lov letterbox flowers

 bunch of spring flowers - lov letterbox flowers


The tulip is one of our absolute favourite spring flowers, as they come in a dazzling rainbow of colours and are extremely easy to grow. One of the great things about tulips is that you can grow a ton of them in a really small amount of space - and the flowers can be harvested and stored for weeks at a time. This is especially good news for those of us with a smaller garden area.


 mixed spring flowers - lov letterbox flowers


If you have a look around online, or even in print catalogues, you can find the most amazing selection and unique varieties of bulbs. There are some wonderful sources for speciality bulbs, but these are only available online and to those who shop early. The spring flower called Narcissus comes in a huge variation; all from tiny fragrant multi headed blossoms to big fluffy blooms that look more like peonies! The flowers also come in a vast range of shades including white, ivory, buttercream, apricot, yellow, and gold.


Tips: If you stock up on bulbs early, it is best to wait until after the first fall frost to plant them. Until then, you can keep the bulbs in their ventilated bags; as long as you store them in a cool and dry place with good air circulation.



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