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Why should I cut flowers at an angle?


When you get fresh flowers you always hear the same advice,
“cut the stems at a diagonal angle before placing the min water”.
But why actually is that?

flower stems in glass water vases LÖV flowers


When the grower first cuts the flowers, it creates an actual injury at the bottom of the stem. Subsequently, to protect itself against fungi, bacteria and dehydration, the flower heals the cut and forms a small crust. Just like us humans do. A very beautiful and powerful protection mechanism! However, with this also comes a downside, it’s difficult for the flower to take in water through the crust. So, this is where cutting at a diagonal comes in. 

flower stems in glass vases LÖV flowers flower stems in glass vases LÖV flowers


Why diagonally?

By cutting a few inches from the bottom of the stem with a sharp knife or good garden scissor/secateurs, you make sure that the flowers can drink up as much water as possible. While this is a fact, some say it’s a myth that cutting diagonally enables flowers to take in even more water. Now, this is up for discussion, however, cutting the stems diagonally does, in fact, ensure that the cut is as smooth and even as possible without crushing the stems; making it harder for fungi and bacteria to grow. Either way, the most important thing to remember when cutting your fresh flowers is to place them in water immediately after cutting them as it only takes a minute for the cut to heal.


flower stems in water glass vase LÖV flowers 


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