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Use fresh flowers in Christmas tree

How to use fresh flowers in your Christmas tree

We get many enquiries about weather or not we can include fresh flowers when setting up a Christmas tree in clients homes. Fresh flowers would understandably be the ultimate decor to include in your tree. But unfortunately it's easier said than done. Flowers are living things that needs water and sunlight to survive. That being said there are some flowers that last longer than other without these factors and some flowers that even look the same when dried. 

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letterbox flowers


Some suitable flowers include..

Hypericum berries

There is nothing that says Christmas quite like red berries! Hypericum berries are long lasting and sturdy. Carefully add a little glue to the stem and fasten it to a branch in your tree. Or if you prefer, simply use florist wire. 


red hypericum berries


Ilex berries

Another favourite for Christmas! Ilex berries comes as long sturdy branches with tons of small red cute berries on them. Cut of the smaller branches and wire them to a branch in your tree. 


red ilex berries



Eucalyptus is one of those foliages that looks almost identical when dried as it looks when fresh. The fragrance of the eucalyptus along with the pine is just divine. 


eucalyptus - LOV Flowers

Wax flower

Native to Australia, waxflower is such a wonderful long-lasting filler flower! And they look amazing in wild bouquets. Wire a couple of bunches together and hang them in your tree, just fabulous!


Love lies bleeding

Looks fantastic hanging from a Christmas tree. There is a religious significance attached to Love Lies Bleeding, referring to the self-sacrifice of Jesus, very suitable for this time of year. Natural elements such as pine cones, orange slices and cinnamon makes your home smell like Christmas morning every day. The natural elements can either be glued in or wired by hand. 


Wondered why your tree already starts looking sad days leading up to Christmas? We cover all the best tips on how to keep you tree fresh for longer in this post!

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Use fresh flowers in Christmas tree

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