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DIY: Floral Baubles For Your Christmas Tree


Are you looking for new ways to dress your Christmas tree this year? Perhaps you’re a little tired of the traditional red and green? Us, too. This year, we are longing for a sweeter and more natural and feminine look for our Christmas decorations.


pink christmas present - lov flowers


Glass baubles filled with fresh or dried flowers are a modern, stylish alternative to traditional tree decorations. You can also incorporate flowers on the outside of the baubles. These cute alternatives work like magic on a tree, in a wreath or used as table decorations instead of a traditional centrepiece arrangement.


All you need is..

  • Glass or plastic baubles for flower filled baubles
  • Gold, pink, white or beige baubles for flowers to be attached on the outside of the baubles
  • Festive string or fishing line
  • Sprigs of flowers and foliage
  • Thin wire


pink carnations - lov flowers
pink baubles - lov flowers



Bells, balls or baubles?

There are many types of decorations out there that would work well when filled with flowers. We chose small and medium-sized glass baubles with a removable top. If you want to use large flowers, go with large baubles that open in half.


Fresh or dry flowers?

Flowers such as roses and euphorbia, for example, look beautiful for a day or two but as they dry, a layer of condensation (or mould) will appear on the inside of the bauble since they contain a lot of moisture. Choose flowers and foliage which dries well, such as lavender, hydrangea, eucalyptus, waxflower, mimosa, gypsophila, asparagus fern or ranunculus. 


pink blanket and coffee cup - lov flowers


Clear floral bauble DIY

Step 1

Pick your stems and ready the baubles. 

Step 2

Trim the foliage and flowers stems to preferred size.

Step 3

Gently push the flower or foliage into the bauble opening by folding the leaves around the stem to make it narrower. It’s best to go stem first, as this will help to avoid damaging the flowers and/or leaves.

Step 4

Secure the top onto the bauble. Give it a shake. This helps settle the flower inside the bauble.

Step 5

Thread a loop of string through the top so that you can hang it on your tree, on a branch or anywhere you like!


Flowers attached on the outside...

Step 1

Prepare your flowers and cut to preferred size.

Step 2

Carefully wire the stem of your flower and attach the wire to the top of the bauble, so that the flower hangs and touches the side of the bauble.


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