Article published at: Oct 26, 2022
Hyacinth flower facts, symbolism & history
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Blue Hyacinth Flowers

Everything you need to know about Hyacinths

Hyacinths are a popular spring-blooming flower that are common to send someone for Christmas, Spring or for birthdays around these seasons. One of the main reasons as to why these cute flowers are so sought after is their incredible fragrance that can perfume your whole house. 

Popular hyacinth colours

The most in demand hyacinth colours are blue, white, and pink. Although, they come in all colours under the rainbow such as cream, lavender, apricot, deep purple, and dark red.

Pink, white and blue Hyacinths in a pot

When to plant hyacinths

You should plant hyacinth bulbs in fall to enjoy its flowers the following spring since hyacinths usually bloom in mid-spring, same times as daffodils and certain tulips.

When choosing a hyacinth bulb, you should look for bulbs that are on the larger side. These bulbs contain more stored food energy for its flowering plant. More food energy means a stronger stem and bigger, more fragrant flowers.

Hyacinth flower bulbs to plant
Hyacinth bulb

How to grow hyacinths

Once you have purchased your hyacinth bulbs it’s time to pick the perfect spot to plant them. Hyacinths prefer full sun but can grow and flower in half sun, however you might get slightly smaller flowers in half sun.

Like most spring-blooming bulbs, hyacinths like soil with a loose texture and that’s well drained. They are a great choice for pots and planters as well as flower beds and walkways.

blue hyacinth


Plant your hyacinth bulbs about 4 to 6 inches deep and about 5 to 6 inches apart. The pointy end of the bulb should be facing up and cover them well with soil.

They shouldn’t be over-watered and usually the autumn and winter months provides enough water. Only water if you notice the soil being particularly dry.

We, at LÖV Flowers, absolutely adore hyacinths and think they are a great choice unless you choose to order a convenient flower delivery with same day or next day delivery. 


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