Symbolism and Colour Meanings Of Roses

Article published at: Jan 10, 2023
Symbolism and colour meanings of roses
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Symbolism and colour meanings of roses

Roses have long been admired for their beauty and symbolic significance. Roses of varying colours have been utilised throughout history to convey various emotions and meanings. In this blog post, we will look at the symbolism and colour meanings of roses, delving into the historical and cultural significance of each hue.


The symbolism of pink roses

Pink rose meanings and symbolism

Pink roses are often associated with feelings of love, admiration, grace, elegance, and refinement. The pale pink colour of the rose represents more delicate emotions than the deep red of red roses, and it's often given as a token of appreciation, admiration, and appreciation.

It's also commonly given as a symbol of gratitude and as a way to say "thank you" in a sincere way. Pink roses are also often associated with new beginnings, or the start of a new relationship or friendship, making them a popular choice for engagements, new relationships, and new friendships.

Pink roses are also considered symbols of elegance and grace, and they are often used in wedding arrangements and other formal events. 


The symbolism of red roses

Red roses bouquet

Red roses represent love and passion. They have been used throughout history to signify love and desire, and are frequently offered as a romantic gesture.

The rose's rich red hue indicates intensity, and it is thought that a red rose is ideal for expressing powerful and deep feelings such as true love, passion, and devotion.

The red rose is also linked with sacrifice, and it is frequently used to express the utmost sacrifice that can be made for love, such as Jesus Christ's sacrifice. Red roses have also appeared in literature, art, and mythology, where they are frequently depicted as symbols of love and sacrifice.


The symbolism of yellow roses

Yellow rose meanings and symbolism

Yellow roses are often associated with feelings of friendship, happiness, and joy. The rose's bright yellow colour denotes happiness and sunlight, making it a popular option for congratulating someone, celebrating new beginnings, and giving well wishes.

Yellow roses are also a symbol of platonic love and can be presented to friends, family members, or coworkers to demonstrate sincere friendship.

However, it also has a negative connotation, yellow roses can also represent jealousy and infidelity. This interpretation could be derived from the fact that roses have traditionally been regarded as a symbol of secrecy, and a yellow rose could have been offered as a warning or a covert indication of jealousy or suspicion. Because of their dual nature, the meaning of yellow roses can vary depending on the setting.

Yellow roses are also often used to decorate cemeteries, funerals, and memorials in order to pay respect to the deceased and to express support for the grieving. In general, yellow roses are regarded as a symbol of hope, joy, and friendship, as well as a reminder of the sun's warmth and light.


The symbolism of purple roses

Purple roses bouquet

Purple roses are famous for their regal, rich colour and are frequently connected with feelings of magic, mystery, and wonder. The rose's deep purple colour is considered to represent the complexities and depth of feelings like love, adoration, and appreciation.

Purple roses are frequently used in literature and art to represent mystery, mysticism, and the unknown. They are also linked to magic, power, and elegance.

Purple roses are regarded as a symbol of royalty in many cultures, and are connected with nobility, majesty, and grandeur. They are also associated with achievement, accomplishment, and success and are frequently given as gifts to celebrate these accomplishments.

In recent years, purple roses have also come to represent admiration for someone who is different or unique, someone who stands out from the crowd. They are also sometimes given as a symbol of love and affection for someone who is unconventional or eclectic.

Overall, purple roses are a symbol of luxury, complexity, and individuality, making them a unique and meaningful gift to express admiration, congratulations, or gratitude.


The symbolism of white roses

White rose meanings and symbolism

White roses are usually associated with innocence, purity, and spirituality. They are also well known as a symbol of new beginnings, and are widely used in weddings and other formal occasions to represent the beginning of a new chapter in one's life.

The rose's white hue represents innocence, purity, and reverence. White roses are also linked with peace, sympathy, and humility and are commonly used in funerals, grieving, or memorial services.

White roses are frequently used in literature, art, and mythology to represent the beauty and transience of love and desire. They can also indicate unrequited or secret love, as well as a desire for something unreachable. They can represent longing and pure, unadulterated love in this setting.

White roses are also a symbol of honour, respect, and dedication; they can be presented as a gift to express respect and appreciation for someone who has died or for someone who has earned it.



Finally, roses are a powerful sign of love and passion, and different colours of roses can convey a variety of feelings and thoughts. The colour of a rose may speak volumes, from the deep crimson of red roses, which expresses passionate love and longing, to the gentle pink of pink roses, which symbolises friendship and adoration.

We hope that this blog post has helped you comprehend the symbolism and colour meanings of roses. Remember, when giving or receiving a rose, the colour can dramatically enhance the meaning and message behind the present.


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