Article published at: Jul 31, 2021
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Wildflowers & how to grow them

Wildflowers, a beautiful blend of brightly coloured wild blooms scattered across lawns, fields and roundabouts.

These joyful flowers bring to mind hazy days of midsummer when, according to Swedish folklore, young women should pick seven different types of flowers and place them beneath their pillows so that they may dream about the man they will marry. If only it were that easy heh?

This delightful old tradition is not, of course, something that ladies in the modern world follow and, in fact, I’m not sure that anyone ever did. However, in the spirit of the old tradition, wildflowers still bring something magical to your garden. Like a midsummer night’s dream.
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Annuals and perennials

There are two main types of wildflowers – annuals and perennials. Perennials return every year but take a bit longer to establish, whereas, annuals appear 60-80 days after sowing, but usually only have one showing.

However, annuals will return the following year if you prep them well. We at LOV Flowers have listed our favourite wildflowers that we think everyone should know about. Scroll down to find out which ones..
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How long does it take for wildflowers to grow from seed?

Well, this depends on what time of year you sow your wildflower seeds. Normally, wildflowers will begin to grow after a couple of weeks, but you won’t see any blooms until spring.

Annuals start flowering from April onwards, whereas, perennials bloom when they’re ready - and this process can take up to a year or even longer.

Wildflowers are relatively easy to grow, as long as they are given the correct conditions. The most important thing to know about wildflowers is that they will need to grow where nothing else is growing, even in areas which are largely unkempt.

Our advice is to select a suitable area and remove all grass, flora and weeds as well as any debris or objects that are in the way. Wildflowers don’t need a lot of attention in terms of watering, fertilising or food – they simply need adequate space to grow.  

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