5 Breathtaking Christmas Flowers You Need To Know About

Article published at: Nov 18, 2022
Best Christmas Flowers For Decoration
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Red Christmas Flowers Centrepiece Decoration

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Most of us often think that winter is a time for swapping bright coloured bouquets and fresh flowers for a Christmas tree and some holly.

But, by doing this, we miss out on some of the most fabulously fragrant blooms that in fact prefer the cold winter months and that fills our home with a warm and inviting look that is hard to create in any other way.

In this blog post we’re listing 5 of the most breathtaking flowers you cannot miss out on this Christmas that will transform your home into a festive winter wonderland.


Calla lily

Calla lilies are classy with elegant, tall stems and makes a home look extra chic. They last long and don’t mind heat nor cold.

So, no worries if you have an open fire on in your living room or central heating, the calla lily happily thrive through most conditions.

Red Calla Lily Lilies Christmas Flowers



The Clematis loves cold temperatures and does best in a taller vase that supports its flowers and leaves as it can often be top heavy.

They come in wonderful winter colours such as purple, plum, and mauve and looks fabulously festive. Why not have a flower arrangement with gorgeous clematis on the table this Christmas?

Purple Clematis Flower



This flower is a big and chunky thing that is very popular during Christmas. The amaryllis is a classic Christmas flower and looks best on its own in a tall vase as a centrepiece on a dining table.

The most common and festive colours are white, red or dark red.

Red Amaryllis Christmas Flower 

Hypericum berries

Instead of the standard holly, why not try a bunch of flowers with Hypericum berries?

These cute red berries a sure to spark joy and truly embrace the magic of Christmas. They usually come in white, red or dark red and has lots of adorable green leaves around its berries.

Red Hypericum Berries Christmas Flower 

Red roses

Red roses are not just for Valentine’s Day..

We love them so much that we think a bunch of luxury red roses on a dining table gives a Christmas party an elegant vibe. Style them on their own or together with some scented eucalyptus.

Cut the roses short and place them in a shorter vase, such as a ‘fishbowl ‘vase, on the dining table. And place a tall vase filled with red roses on the kitchen island where people are gathering for welcome drinks.

Red Roses Bouquet 



As you can see there are a lot more to choose from than a Christmas tree when styling your home for Christmas and it’s a shame to not take advantage of some of these beautiful classic Christmas flowers.

For, who wouldn’t love to come to a home filled with sweet, scented flowers?

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