Best places to buy poppies for Remembrance Day 2022

Article published at: Nov 11, 2022
Poppies for remembrance day
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Poppies for remembrance day

Everything you need to know about poppies, where to buy them and how you should wear them.

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Poppies are traditionally worn as a show of support for the Armed Forces community, on Remembrance Day in the UK. We wear it to show respect to those who’ve lost their lives serving their country.

The poppy is a well-known and well-established symbol in England. It carries a huge amount of history and meaning with it. To wear a poppy is a very personal choice, it reflects one’s personal experiences and memories to a day of remembrance.

However, many people who hasn’t a personal connection to this day still chooses to wear a poppy on the 11th of November as it creates a sense of union and togetherness.

What is the true meaning & history behind the poppy?

Remembrance Day itself is on the 11th of November and marks the day when First World War ended in 1918.

The red poppy is both a symbol of Remembrance Day and hope for peaceful future. In the west they stand for death and remembrance while in the east they represent success and even love! Quite the difference.  

How should you wear your poppy?

There is no actual rule on which side you should wear your poppy on. Most rumours on which side is the right side is a myth.

Some say that it should be fasten on the left side as it’s closest to the heart. However, others claim the right side is the correct side as that is where you normally would wear a brooch. But it’s really up to you where you feel comfortable wearing your poppy.

As the British Legion says, there is no ‘correct’ way of wearing your Remembrance poppy, simply that “best way to wear a poppy is simply with pride”.

Red poppy flower for Remembrance Day

Best places to buy your poppy for Remembrance Day 2022 

  • You can buy a range of poppy products from the Royal British Legion’ “poppy shop”. The traditional paper poppy will cost you £2/poppy while the 2022 enamel poppy pin are from £3/poppy.
  • Most train stations sell poppies
  • Local shops
  • Certain supermarkets

Flowers on Remembrance Day 

Why not send family & friends a bunch of flowers in honour of remembrance day.

A beautiful white bouquet that stands for new beginnings, blue thistle flowers that symbolise resilience or perhaps a bunch of premium red roses that's the ultimate meaning of devotion. 

Use code POPPYLOV for 10% off your first order. View our premium letterbox flower collection. For every sale we donate £2 to the Royal British Legion.


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