Flower Trends 2021/2022

Article published at: Jun 20, 2022
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Top floral trends 2021/2022

Just as the fashion industry follow seasonal trends that changes from year to year, so does the floral industry. In this blog you can read all about what us, florists are saying about the floral trends for 2020/2021 and how you can apply these to your own home or for your event! 

 1. Dried flowers

Bouquets of dried flowers are making a huge comeback. Dried grasses, grains, flowers and leaves creates a classic and romantic feel with which you can make beautifully unique designs.

You can mix them in an arrangement with lush big blooms such as hydrangeas or roses or even dye them to fit in with your colour scale perfectly. They can be kept looking fabulous for many years so not only are they trendy, but also sustainable! We love.

dried pampas grass LÖV flowersPampas grass. 

dried pampas grass white vase LÖV flowers

  white bridal bouquet with dried flowers

Dried grains mixed in a white bouquet.

   2. Pastels

Pastels pastels pastels. We can’t get enough of pastels. 2020 is definitely the year when pastels are booming in the floral industry. Girly and sweet feminine bouquets for weddings, home vases, or big events.

Pastels always look classic and can be used for all types of occasions. Mix in neutrals such as beige, taupe, brown or antique dusty pastels for a more grown up look. 

 Pastel bouquet LÖV FlowersBlush/white pastel bridal bouquet.

lilac pastel bouquet LÖV FlowersLilac pastel bridesmaid bouquet.

 pink pastel bouquet - LOV Letterbox Flowers UK

 Pink pastel bouquet: The Tyra

 3. Ombre

Ombre has still a huge impact on the fashion world. Ombre details are applied in many ways: hair, dresses, nails, cakes, makeup etc. It seems like it’s a trend that is sure to stay around!

Now, it’s also about to change the way we create floral arrangements. Whether it’s an ombre wedding backdrop or cake’s floral adornments, an ombre bridal bouquet or petals down the aisle, this gentle gradient is sure to make any floral décor piece even more breathtaking.

ombre flower arrangement LÖV flowersFlowers with an ombre effect. 

 4. Outspoken vases

Up until now, the vase simply been used as a water container for your bouquet, but we feel that the vase really puts a mark on how your bouquet looks. The shape of the vase and the diameter of the neck compliments the bouquets and give shape to the end result.

So, the vase is more important than ever! They become a statement in our interior and preferably have an artsy and exclusive look. 

LOV Flowers UK Letterbox

Minimalistic vases.  


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