Flower arranging with your kids

Article published at: Oct 14, 2021
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Our flower box Saga, an all white bouquet.
Photo: A Moment With Franca


Flower arranging, a fun activity with your kids

Since letterbox flowers arrives unarranged there are so many possibilities and ways to use them, unlike ready made hand tied bouquets. Here are a couple of ideas on what you can do with your letterbox flowers and how you can include your kids in the activities as well!

The winter months is getting closer, and the holiday race is soon here. The importance of new indoor activities for the kids is in serious demand.

Teaching your kids a basic skill of flower arranging is both fun and helps them understand their sensory and aesthetic sensibility as well as being beneficial for their ability to connect with nature. And who knows, you might have a future floral designer on your hands! 

woman and children arranging flowers

Award nominated parenting & lifestyle blogger Franca (A moment with Franca) enjoys including her two gorgeous girls when putting together newly delivered flowers.

She says; “I am so happy to see that my girls also get excited when I receive flowers. They have seen me putting many arrangements together that now they like to help me do it too. We enjoyed sharing this moment together and it is always a fun thing to do with my girls.”

girl arranging flowers

Photo: A Moment With Franca

Use cute bud vases

Instead of putting the flowers together in a traditional vase arrangement in the middle of the table, you can split the stems up and place them in separate smaller bud vases instead.

Place the vases in the centre of the table in a row after each other, preferably alternating the height of the vase. This creates a rustic effect and is a great alternative to an actual centrepiece.

Once the dinner is over move the cute bud vases in to the kids room and have them be responsible of topping them up with water every now and then. 

anemone and ranunculus in glass bud vases

Dry the flowers

Finally make your flowers last forever by creating a beautifully dried wreath to hang on your kids bedroom door. Start by hanging your fresh flowers tied together upside down and dry them out properly.

Once dried, carefully wire them one by one onto a small natural twine wreath base. Start with the dried foliage and finish off with the flowers. Hang it on the front door, in the living room or on the kids bedroom door. Or even better, have your kids decide where it should go.

There are endless ways to use your letterbox flowers and how to incorporate your children in the activity. Maybe ask them what they would like to do with the flowers and see how the creativity start to flow. 

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