11 Stunning Flowers That Look Like Roses

Article published at: Oct 14, 2022
White rose by LOV Flowers
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white rose flower by LOV Flowers

Beautiful flower alternatives to traditional roses

Roses, especially pink roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and we just adore them as we’re sure by now you know. However, sometimes it can be refreshing to send someone a bouquet of flowers with a focal flower that’s a bit more unique as an extra surprise.


This classic rose-looking flower is one of the most adored flowers on the market, the beautiful peony. With tall sturdy stems and large heads, they are often mistaken by roses.

The main thing that differs the peony from the rose is the peony’s fluffy-like petals that opens up to huge blooms. Although in season for just a very short while, peonies are without a doubt a flower in high demand during the spring and summer months.

Flowers That Look Like Roses
Pink peonies flowers by LOV Flowers
Flowers That Look Like Roses Peonies



Many people thinks that lisianthus are smaller roses. With cup shaped double flowers it’s probably the flower that looks like a rose the most.

Lisianthus comes in a range of colours such as white lisianthus, pink lisianthus, purple and yellow and are a very pretty addition to any bouquet. This flower symbolises gratitude and appreciation and works perfectly as a thank-you flower gift.

Single stem white lisianthus flower by LOV Flowers

Flowers That Look Like Roses


Ranunculus are slightly shorter and a bit more delicate flowers than roses, but nonetheless just as beautiful. Plump blooms with a thousand layers of petals, these stunning spring flowers can definitely be a suitable replacement flower in any arrangement.

These beautiful ranunculus in the image below is called 'Hanoi Ranunculus'. One of the more exclusive ranunculus on the market because of its big flower heads. Just exquisite! View our popular collection with British Flowers are filled with stunning British ranunculus during Spring and Summer.  

Light pink Ranunculus in a vase by LOV Flowers

Flowers that look like roses


Carnations have a bad rep, and we don’t really understand why that is. Carnations are a very versatile flower that has long, and sturdy stems with a rose like flower head but with frilly-like petals. This flower comes in all the colours under the sun and symbolise love and gratitude


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Long stem orange carnation flowers by LOV Flowers

Double Tulips

The double tulip is just like a normal tulip, but with twice as many petals! Standard British Tulips can be a very romantic flower to gift someone, a classic. The double tulip resemble a rose quite a lot, and just like the classic tulip, these flowers come in the same variety of colours and the symbolism of the double tulip depends on the colour, just like our beloved tulip.

Flowers that look like roses

Red double tulip flowers by LOV Flowers 

Double Anemones

The double anemone looks like a rose that has opened up fully with a larger centre. Same as the double tulips, the double anemone is an anemone with twice as many petals. The most common colours are blue, red and white. Looking for stunning British anemones? We include them in our deliveries of British flowers, with free next day delivery. 

Single stem purple double anemone flower by LOV Flowers


Gardenias have large scented flowers and looks a lot like a rose. They only come in white and is named after the word “garden”.

White gardenia flowers that looks like roses by LOV Flowers



Begonias flower head is small, full and looks remarkably like small roses. This pretty flower is often seen hanging from baskets and in window boxes. 

Pink begonia flowers that looks like roses by LOV Flowers



Dahlias are stunning tall flowers that are native to Mexico. Its petals are smaller and sit tightly together onto the flower head.

There are many varieties of dahlias, with everything from dwarf ones to giant ones and some with flower heads that reach up to 30 cm in diameter! A trendy Dahlia variety is the ‘Café’ au Lait’ or the ‘Café’ au Lait Royal’. 

Cafe au Lait dahlia flower by LOV Flowers


This pretty flower looks just like roses and just like roses the Camellia forms bushes that can grow large. Its foliage is just like rose bushes; waxy and deep green. The most common colours are pink, white and red. 

Pink Camellia flower that looks like a rose by LOV Flowers

Double impatiens

Even though a single impatiens flower doesn’t look anything like a rose, the double impatiens does very much so. They come in a range of colours with deep red, pinks and bright orange.

Double impatiens flowers light pink - LOV Flowers


In the vibrant world of flowers, our alternatives to traditional roses bring a unique touch to your expressions of love. From the fluffy elegance of peonies to the versatile charm of lisianthus, the delicate beauty of ranunculus, and the often misunderstood carnations – each bloom carries its own symbolic significance. Our curated collection, featuring double tulips, double anemones, and other exquisite choices like gardenias, begonias, dahlias, camellias, and double impatiens, offers a diverse array for every occasion.

With all this said, there are no flower quite special as the rose and it will forever be our absolute favourite flower! For those of you who also love roses just as much as we do, have a look at our collection of luxury roses

And for all of you who prefer flower arrangements with a wonderful mix of roses and all other sorts of blooms, head over to our Letterbox flower collection with the perfect flowers all sorts of occasions!


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Hello, I have these beautiful flowers (two large bushes) they came with the house, so I have no idea what they are. At first I thought they were roses, but now I’m not sure. The foliage is shiny and hardy, and there are no thorns. Thank you for your help, Luz.

Luz Sanchez

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