Symbolism & fun facts about Lisianthus

Article published at: Jul 16, 2022
Symbolism & fun facts about Lisianthus
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Everything you need to know about Lisianthus  

Lisianthus is a delicate perennial flower that’s often favoured by floral designers and florists when creating flower arrangements and bouquets. It’s a versatile bloom and brings a classy and elegant feel to most bouquets.

In this post we’ll list the most important things you need to know about lisianthus including how to grow your own.

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History & origin of lisianthus

The lisianthus originates from North America where you can find it growing in desert riverbeds and in prairie regions. In Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado they call this plant the prairie gentian.

The modern day lisianthus was in fact created in Japan by flower breeders in the 1930s. They developed and crossbred the prairie gentian into the cut flower that we know and adore today.

The lisianthus flower symbolise gratitude and appreciation which makes it a perfect addition in a thank-you bouquet. 

Lisianthus colours & shape

As we mentioned the lisianthus flower is very versatile. It comes in a range of colours such as white, blue, purple, lavender, pink, yellow, as well as bicolour combinations of those hues.

Apart from its colour, the lisianthus flower also comes in different shapes. For example single form, where the flower simply have one ring of petals around the center, or a double form with several rows of petals.

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Planting & growing Lisianthus

The first thing to think about when deciding to grow lisianthus is to plan ahead and invest some time. This plant can take a long time to grow from seed, sometimes as long as up to 20 months. The seed of this plant is also so fine and dust-like that it can be difficult to sow just a few plants at a time.

Lisianthus plants needs full sun, so pic a spot where the plant can get at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day. If you live in a very hot area, the plants will benefit from some afternoon shade, if possible. The important thing is that the lisianthus gets consistent sunlight.

Choose a planting site with well-drained soil. Containers or raised beds are ideal. The richer the soil is the better, the lisianthus loves soil that is rich in organic matter. The soil should however be well-draining, to avoid the roots from rotting.

Water the plants frequently but do not overwater and never allow them to remain soggy. Overwatering your plant can encourage fungal diseases to develop.

Lisianthus flowers need a constant stream of nutrients to be able to produce well-branched plants with lots of blooms. Feed your plant at least once per month with a fertiliser that has one and a half times the amount of potassium as nitrogen.

Fun facts about lisianthus flowers

  • Long lasting cut flower and can last over two weeks in a vase!
  • Often mistaken for roses and are a great alternative when giving a romantic gift or in bridal bouquets.
  • Can grow up to 3 ft tall!
  • The scientific name for lisianthus flowers are Eustoma, although they’re called ‘lizzies’ among us florists.
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Different types of Lisianthus

We’ve already mentioned the vast variety of the lisianthus flower and there are also many different cultivars of lisianthus, distinguished by their colour and size.

Balboa lisianthus

This variety is full of blooms, with dozen flowers per plant all in shades of blue.

Flamenco lisianthus

Most florists prefer using double-flower lisianthus in our arrangements, but this type of lisianthus is very tolerant to the heat which can be helpful in wedding arrangements during the summer months.

Eco Blue lisianthus

This is a tall lisianthus variety that can grow up to 34 inches tall and has dark blue flowers that blooms from midsummer right up to winter.

Sapphire Pink Rim lisianthus

This is a more compact and shorter type of lisianthus, about 5 to 6 inches tall. It is bicolour, usually white with pink edges.

Maurine lisianthus

The maurine lisianthus is a semi-dwarf variety that’s heat tolerant which makes it a perfect plant to grow in pots on your terrace and patio.

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